About Me

Hi ~

I'm Hallie ~

I started this blog because I lost my daughter to stillbirth in 2009.  At the time I was devastated and was looking for something; don't know what I was hoping to find, but I needed something!  I wanted someone to say that they know how I felt, they knew what my thoughts were and could give me some words to put to those feelings.

I found parts of what I needed ~ I could find some information here and other information there.  I knew that my journey, although was similar to others, was mine alone.  I, after some therapy and wrestling with my thoughts and feelings, have been able to put my journey into words.  I have been to hell and back and have come out the other side ~ I can now be that person that others look for... I felt my anger, my sadness and my disappointment with God.  I wrestled with the "why me", and I have entered the world of acceptance.  I can even feel joy again.

I hope that I can give words to those who are looking; that I could be the one that says "you are not alone and you are normal".

I hope that my journey can give comfort to others.
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